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This includes agriculture; hunting and fishing; foodstuffs; tobacco and smoking devices; wearing apparel and accessories; furniture and household articles; medical sciences; medical devices; lifesaving and firefighting; sports, games, and entertainment.

This includes separating and mixing; chemical and physical processes; spraying, vibrating; turning; cleaning; waste disposal; metal-working; wood-working; working of clay/stone/cement; working of plastics; power and hand tools; milling; grinding and polishing; paper treatment and paper-making; printing; books and binding; writing articles; packing and storage; lifting and hauling; vehicles; railways; cycles; ships and water vessels; aviation; saddlery and upholstery; nanotechnology.

This includes organic and inorganic chemistry (compounds, compositions and processes); treatment of water; glass; cement, concrete and other stones; fertilizers; explosives; dyes and paints, polishes, resins and adhesives; petroleum, gas or coke industries; oils and fats; biochemistry and genetic engineering, microorganisms; enzymes; saccharides; fermentation; beer, wine and spirits; metallurgy and alloys; electrolytic or electrophoretic processes and apparatuses; crystals.

This includes threads, yarn, ropes and other fibers; wrapping, spinning and twisting; weaving; sewing; treatment of textiles; paper-making; wall and floor materials; laundry.

This includes construction of roads, railways, bridges and platforms; hydraulic engineering; excavating; sewage and plumbing; building constructions; structures built for particular purposes (e.g., swimming); scaffolding; locks, keys and door fittings; drilling and mining.

This includes engines and pumps; alternative energy; insulation; fastening or securing constructional elements; shafts; clutches and brakes; springs; belts, cables and ropes; gearing; pistons; pipes; safety devices; lighting; steam, burners and combustion; heating and ventilation; air-conditioning; refrigerators; furnaces; weapons, armour, and ammunition.

This includes information storage; software; computing; data processing; image or video recognition; optics; spectacles and contact lenses; measuring, testing and analyzing; geophysics; meteorology; photography and cinematography; X-ray technology; photosensitive materials and processes; holographic processes or apparatuses; clocks and watches; ticket/fare issuing apparatuses; coin operated apparatuses; traffic control systems; educational or accessibility devices; circuits; musical instruments; acoustics; bioinformatics; IoT technology; nuclear physics.

This includes software; electric communication; transmission of digital information; wireless communication; basic electric elements; cables; conductors; semiconductors; batteries; insulators; magnets; transformers; capacitors; electric switches; electric incandescent lamps; antennas; lasers and radiation; electric circuits; electric motors, electric power generation, modulation, and amplification; coding and decoding; X-ray techniques.


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